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Minister of Education meets with the Girl Scouts Committee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Headed by Princess Sama Bint Faissal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, the Girl Scouts Committee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was honored to meet His Excellency Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, Minister of Education in Riyadh, who praised women's participation in scouting activity to serve the nation and by raising the name of the Kingdom and representing it in internationally. He also highlighted their participation in reducing the effects of the covid-19 pandemic which showed a great sense of national and social.

Her Highness Princess Sama bint Faissal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud also presented the committee's work at the time and future plans for the committee to contribute in raising the level of women's participation in serving the country in various scouting events and activities, noting that the Ministry of Education is the most important supporter for the Girl Scouts Committee.

The first collaboration between Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and the Anab platform

Anab is pleased to announce the first collaboration with the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University to provide professional teacher training programs in Arabic.

Anab is keen to provide high-quality content according to the latest educational practices that match international practices, in addition to adapting it to Arab teachers, as well as following the MOOC methodology on the Internet.

Dr. Munira Jamjoom, CEO of the Anab platform, stated, "Through this collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies at the prestigious Harvard University, we achieve the main goal of Anab platform, which is to provide distinctive and high-quality professional development programs for Arab teachers, available to all that keep pace with modern practices to enhance learning."

Through this collaboration, the Department of Professional Education in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University presents one of their most prominent programs on flexible thinking, which reviews how teachers make decisions about implementing differentiated teaching, and it is one of the current urgent topics for the educational sector in the Corona crisis as it affects how teachers and leaders think and abuse In these circumstances.

The program will be delivered by Dr. Ronda Bundy as Lecturer in Education and Head of Faculty in Distinguished Teaching Designed for Practical Application, and Head of Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School of Education
Dr. Ronda has focused her research on creating an inclusive environment for students to interact in and feel valued in the classroom.

This program was designed as part of the Middle East Professional Education Initiative by the Department of Professional Education at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University to share Dr. Ronda's work and research in differentiated education while adapting it to fit the experience of the Arab teacher.

We are very pleased with this collaboration as it enables us to expand access to Dr Bundy's research on differentiated education with the status of adapting content to the Arabic teacher, ”Dr. Metallin Fletcher, Director of Pre-K, School and International Programs, Vocational Education, HGSE.

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