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2021 Middle East & North Africa EdTech 50

  • HolonIQ’s annual Middle East & North Africa EdTech 50 includes EdTech startups based in the MENA region. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is home to nearly 600 million people spanning three continents. The ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious make-up of the region is highly diverse, but together the region has an enormous opportunity to accelerate innovation and close the gap in learning and up-skilling.

KSA-based HealTec raises $1.2M SEED fund

  • Saudi-based B2B HealthTech and medical rehabilitation manufacturing startup HealTec, has successfully raised $1.2M  in its inaugural funding round. The seed round was led by Nour Nouf Ventures (NNV), a Saudi-based family office, and facilitated by Chrome Advisory, a leading Saudi venture capital advisory firm advising on structuring and arrangement.

Anaab platform gets certified by National Center for E-learning

  • Annaab platform has has been certified by the National Center for E-Learning.

A training course will be provided to achieve one of the requirements for obtaining a professional certificate in providing e-education and training (foundation level).

Soon on Aanaab platform

Nexford University CEO Fadl Al Tarzi talks about artificial intelligence and more 

Nour Nouf Sponsorship of Emkan Education Seminar

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